Tribe Brothers,

As part of our continuing efforts to support and grow the Tribe, we will elect our first Executive Council this month. The Executive Council will serve as the leadership council that will advise and assist the Sovereign Steward, and will manage the routine affairs of the Tribe.

The timeline and details for the election process are included below. Thank you for your commitment to the Tribe and for your continued support of our mission. We are excited for the future!


Dec 5-14 Nomination Process

Dec 15-21 Election Process

Dec 22 Election Results Announced

Dec 23-31 Executive Council organizes

Jan 1 Executive Council officially begins operations


Any active Tribe member (registered and paying dues) may self-nominate to be a candidate for a specific position on the Executive Council. To self-nominate submit the following information to

  1. Your first and last name
  2. The Council position you are running for
  3. Up to 150 words explaining your qualifications and vision for the position

This information will be posted on the Tribe of Kyngs website. Each position will list candidates in the order they are received.

Please note that active campaigning is prohibited. This means that the Tribe of Kyngs Facebook group will not be a forum for electioneering, and that you will not send mass emails or text messages to Tribe members as part of a campaign. Please do not lobby the Tribe encouraging them to vote for you. Let your 150 words and your actions speak for you.


After the close of the nomination process, Table Captains and Regents will have the opportunity to vote on the candidates. Voting will be conducted through a survey that will be sent by email to all Table Captains and Regents.

Results will be kept confidential until the close of voting. After the close of voting, the official results will be posted on the Tribe of Kyngs website.

The Executive Council

The Executive Council will advise and assist the Sovereign Steward, and will run the day-to-day operations of the Tribe. The Executive Council will consist of five members, each with specific responsibilities:


  • Runs the Executive Council and oversees the general affairs and operations of the Tribe.
  • Assigns one of the other Council members to serve as Vice Chair in the Chair’s absence.
  • May create committees and appoint committee chairs as needed.


  • Performs secretarial/scribe duties for the Council, including keeping minutes of meetings and recording all motions and votes.
  • Maintains and operates messaging channels to Tribe members.
  • Maintains the Tribe website and social media channels.
  • Creates and publishes press releases.
  • May create communications subcommittees to assist with communications needs.


  • Tracks Tribe membership and growth.
  • Communicates with Table Captains and general Tribe membership to receive insights and feedback on Tribe member needs and experiences.
  • Oversees, plans, and implements Tribe recruiting.
  • Oversees Guilds and other membership groups.
  • May create membership subcommittees to assist with membership needs.


  • Responsible for management and reporting of all Tribe resources.
  • Evaluates Tribe financial needs. Creates and proposes a budget to the Council.
  • Evaluates product inventory, and recommends product ordering & reordering.
  • May create quartermaster subcommittees to assist with resource management.


  • Oversees, develops, and implements Tribe training.
  • Determines Tribe training needs.
  • Evaluates training programs, coordinates with training providers, and arranges training opportunities for Tribe members.
  • May create training subcommittees to assist with training.

Executive Council Organization

Following the election, the Executive Council Chairman will contact the rest of the Executive Council and coordinate meetings and agendas. The Executive Council will have access to the advice and assistance of the former Executive Director and members of the former Sovereign Council to aid in forming the team and establishing operating procedures.

The Executive Council will officially begin their term of service on January 1, 2020.