Kyngs Prepare for Historic Imperium Training

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Tribal News | 0 comments

In less than two weeks, Kyngs will host the first and historic, Imperium Training. What to expect? Enlightenment. Empowerment. Presenters include: International bestselling author Richard Paul Evans, NBA all-star Mark Eaton, and Zenpowerment author and blogger, Randy Scott. Of the event, Evans says, “Two years ago I went to a men’s retreat that transformed my life, my thoughts and fills me with joy still today. I wanted to bring this kind of powerful experience to men. Everywhere I go I find men are feeling more and more powerless. This is about bringing it back to them. This first training deals exclusively with KYNGDOM ONE, taking control of the first realm of a man’s life.”

There are still a few openings left. The cost of the event is $299 and that includes two nights lodging, all meals and snacks, training, training materials, T-shirt, entertainment, all in a NON-SHAME, authentic environment. This Imperium Training will take place in Wanship, Utah (about 35 minutes from SLC). We gather Friday afternoon, registration begins at 4:00, dinner starts at 6:00. Training begins at 7.

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