Tribe of Kyngs Guilds

The Tribe of Kyngs is a collection of amazing men from all walks of life. Each man has developed unique skills and talents. A guild is a place where you can learn a new skill and develop new talents. Joining a guild is free and included in your membership in the Tribe. Certain guild events may have an additional cost. You may join as many guilds as you would like.

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Tribe of Shoes

“Know first who you are,
and then adorn yourself accordingly.”

– Epictetus

The Tribe of Kyngs Shoe Guild is about so much more than shoes. Dressing well has you stand a little taller and take action. Guild Chairman Alan Smith is a former shoe shop owner and will educate you in the finer points of dressing well. 

The Five Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me

“Unfortunately, most people’s closets are more organized than their finances.  If you’re one of the fiscally irresponsible, it’s time for change.”

Richard Paul Evans

Kyng's Radio Guild

Learn the art and science of modern internet radio production. Members will work together to produce content for Kyng’s Radio.

Smoking & BBQ

BBQ/Smoking has been around for centuries. This guild is dedicated to all things BBQ, covering topics like what grill to get, rubs and marinades, basics of smoking and many more. The BBQ/Smoking guild is here to help men perfect their skills of BBQ, swap recipes and techniques and most of all enjoy great food with friends.