First Annual Sovereign’s Formal “magical”

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Tribal News | 0 comments

The 2017 Sovereign’s Formal was a beautiful event. Not only did the attendance exceed our expectations (90 attendees), but having the wives join us richly added to the experience. As one Kyng said, “Feel this, man. Can you feel the joy?” Sovereign-Steward Richard recognized the following tribal members with these awards.

For Extraordinary Support in Blessing the Tribe: Keri Evans, Candice Chamberlain, Natalie Cowdell and Julie Williams.

For Extraordinary Commitment to Building the Tribe: Kyng Doug Short and Prospective Kyng, Rich Post

For Extraordinary Leadership in Humanitarian Service: Kyng Jason Cowdell

For Extraordinary Humanitarian Service: Kyng Brad Durrant, Prospective Kyng Eric Burson, Kyng Wade Riser, Kyng Andrew Riddle, and Kyng Erik Churcher

For Extraordinary Commitment to the second Kyngdom: Kyng Craig Watkins, Tribal Steward David Williams and Kyng Dale Bartlett

A special congratulations for these remarkable members of the Tribe.