About Us

Throughout history, men have formed tribes to provide physical security as well as social and familial benefit.

The Tribe of Kyngs is a fraternal organization created to provide men a more meaningful, joyful and powerful life.

The tribal organization has three primary goals:

  1. Provide opportunities for men to make and build friendships.
  2. Provide a path for the growth of men: psychologically, socially, spiritually, physically and fiscally.
  3. Build an organization large enough to advocate for the well-being of men and boys.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tribe of Kyngs?

The Tribe of Kyngs™ is a fraternal organization created to enhance the lives of men by providing identity, camaraderie, friendship, networking, support, recreation and education.

Throughout history men have come together in groups and tribes for the protection, security and mutual benefit of all. Today, many men are isolated and struggling in a rapidly changing culture that too often marginalizes them, ignoring their achievements and contributions to their family and society.

The Tribe is about lifting and helping men to re-engage and stand in their power, inspiring and strengthening men while creating lasting, meaningful male relationships. Fellow Kyngs support, teach and enlighten each other in a shame-free, bully-free environment, resulting in a more productive and fulfilling life. Kyngs do not exist in solitude nor face a hostile world alone.

Are there different levels of membership in the tribe?

Yes. There are fundamentally three levels of Tribal involvement with additional opportunities for growth in positions of leadership.

Guest While not an actual tribal member, these men are allowed access to guest designated events while escorted by an actual tribe member.

Tribal Member A member is a man who has applied for membership and been accepted by the local council. He has then taken the Tribal oath and committed to supporting the tribe and its members.

Kyng* A Kyng is a man who has written a formal request to be kinged and been accepted by the local Steward’s Council and Sovereign Council. He is then allowed to participate in the powerful coronation ceremony which infers a higher level of commitment and involvement in the tribe than a tribal member.

* The original English spelling of kings was cyngs–with a ‘y’

How often does the Tribe meet?

There are Tribal activities every week. Events include Kyngs Monthly Council (Kyngs only) , the Tribal Council (for all members) KPN (Kyngs professional networking), and the monthly Tribal Feast, where new guests can come and learn about the TOK. There are also quarterly service projects and other annual events.

Is there a cost for membership?

There is a registration fee of $25 (Includes computer registration, tribe membership pin, and tribal Orientation kit) and monthly dues of $29.00 for tribal membership. However, the Tribe does not turn down men who are unable to pay. New members who claim financial difficulty may request a sponsor to help support them with their monthly donation. There may be additional costs for optional events. Kyngs are expected to build and support their tribe and each other.

The Tribe and Women

While members of the Tribe of Kyngs recognize the need for healthy male companionship, the tribe is not, in any way, misogynistic. Kyngs respect and protect women–they love and serve their wives and daughters, mothers and other significant women in their lives. While Kyngs honor women, they do not rely on them to define or validate their manhood.

Who can join?

Membership in the Tribe is open to all men eighteen and older who are willing to take and fulfill the tribal oath. Members include all races, professions, religions, sexual orientation and diverse economic strata. Every member is valued.

You are invited to apply for membership. For more information about joining the tribe, speak with the person who gave you this brochure or contact us on this website.