Throughout history, men have created civilizations to improve their
worlds. In times of old, they built alliances and guilds to protect
and grow their kingdoms. In most ancient times they created tribes.

Human nature hasn’t changed. But our culture has. We live in a time of
uncertainty. Today, men are becoming increasingly isolated. I see it
everywhere. Too many men are living lives below their potential for
accomplishment and joy. As Thoreau said, they are living lives of
quiet desperation. And they’re doing it in isolation.

It hasn’t always been this way. Men used to be there for each other.
They worked the fields together, hunted together, fought together and
feasted together. They came together to protect and build each other’s
kingdoms. They prided themselves in being strong, moral, protective
and FREE.

Tribe of Kyngs is a return to that way of life. Our core belief is
called the 5 Kyngdoms, a new yet ancient way of living a powerful life
with strong boundaries. The Tribe is re-powering men to rise again, to
reclaim and rebuild their kingdoms and live in dignity.

The Tribe is also encouraging men to protect, not hurt, their loved
ones. In the tribe we protect women and children and are working to
abolish domestic abuse.

In the tribe, men find not only brotherhood, but exclusive, powerful
training unlike anything they’ve experienced before, allowing them to
stand in integrity and authenticity and shed the pain of their pasts
and build new futures.

No matter your station in life, your color, your race, your religion
or sexual preference, in the tribe, you are able to grow with other
men without shame and without prejudice. You are able to earn a place
at a roundtable with other men with similar goals and desires.  And
powerful things are happening. Lives are changing.

If what I’ve just shared resonates with you, I invite you to come see
what we’re about. I invite you to better your life and, in so doing,
improve the lives of all those you care about.

For more information call us or click on the contact tab on our
website.  You’ll thank yourself later. Blessings.

Richard Paul Evans

Come Feast With Us

We feast together to form bonds of friendship, to support each other and to celebrate brotherhood. Gathering together around a table in times of old was a symbol of peace and prosperity. Bonds were formed and alliances made. The Tribal Feast is a great time to come and explore what makes the Tribe of Kyngs great.


“Powerful Associations”

I have grown through my association with the incredible men in the Tribe. I’m impressed by the caliber of men who have chosen to be called Kyngs!

Alan Smith

“Feels Good To Be Here”

It’s awesome being around other men who care as much about MY success as I do theirs.  I haven’t felt this good for a long time!

Brad J. Neufeld

“A Great Opportunity”

The tribe has given me the chance to meet men that help me be a better man. It is a great opportunity to share life experience with other great men. I feel renewed ever time I get to associate with these great people.

Jay Walther

“Being Myself”

The Tribe has given me the pleasure of being myself around other men who are themselves. We would all do anything for each other.

Doug Robinson